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Shift of the Moon Node Axis in Aries/ Libra on 17.7.2023

Your Moon node in your personal horoscope shows you your own destiny.

But there is also the collective lunar node (in the primordial zodiac), which shows us which tasks you have in the collective, in society.

For all of humanity, the collective lunar node changes into the sign Aries on 17 July 2023, which means that the Aries themes will occupy us all very strongly for the next 1.5 years.

We are called upon to make our world more beautiful, richer and more colourful with our ideas and impulses.

You can and should courageously set things in motion and create new impulses in the world. You can always draw strength in the community with your friends, your partner, but your task is to create something new and valuable for society on your own, to follow your intuition.

This task is of course strongly influenced by Pluto, which transforms everything that no longer serves us.

Everything that is not in balance, that does not correspond to the truth, is now uncovered and transformed by our actions. (Pluto squares the collective lunar node).

Surround yourself with people who will help you move forward, who will encourage you and support you!

Pluto is moving into the sign Aquarius. He will stay there from 2025 until 2044.

While in the sign of Capricorn you were still limited and checked everything carefully, now you will have very original ideas, start unusual projects with like-minded people. From now on, the total transformation begins.

For some time you have felt mentally bored, restless or oppressed, perhaps you have also understood that you cannot cope with the problems at hand with the existing thought structures. Often you initially resist change because it threatens the emotional security you derive from your existing views.

The degree of resistance determines the strength of the inner and outer intellectual struggles.

It is important during this time to open yourself to new information from the outside (study, travel, expansion of consciousness) or to allow ideas from the inner depths to rise to the surface. You also need to allow yourself periods of mental rest to process the newly absorbed structures and content.

If you are in a partnership, you will give yourselves free spaces in which each can pursue his or her soul task, and other phases in which you encourage, build up and support each other.

Partnerships in which one is dependent on the other will no longer exist.

Until January 2025 it is a time to become active, a time to reflect on our strengths, to get things going and to change.

We may start anew, courageously, spontaneously, combatively, but always thoughtfully and prudently, keeping the good of all people in mind.

As we make our way along our path we become more intense and more energetic.

We will also get to the point of everything that needs to be said, without detours, but respectfully and thoughtfully.

Physically more active and fit, we will have a completely different approach to our bodies. We pay attention to the balance between the you and the I, the give and the take, between phases of rest and phases of activity.

Inwardly you know where your path is going, and of course a look at your horoscope can support and encourage you, because the house in which your personal lunar node and the collective lunar node are located also shows in which area you can be most effectively active, for example in education, in your field of work, in the family, in the artistic field, in the area of diplomacy, spirituality, communication, leadership style, health, ...

In everything you do, listen to your inner voice!

From your gut feeling you will do the right thing at the right moment.

What do you want to achieve in this world? Who do you want to be?

What is important to you?

Which projects are close to your heart?

What challenge have you always wanted to tackle, but you have been thwarted by other considerations?

Where did you avoid conflict that you can now resolve?

What do you need to go your own way?

Where are your strengths and resources?

What could be your first steps?

I get the best ideas when I walk alone in nature.

Friends, let's get going!

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