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- Clara 6 y.o

Susann here!

Astrological Advisor

I am a mother, grandmother, wife, and older sister.

Born in Thuringia, I studied German and music in Greifswald, fled to Hamburg.

I worked in the German school system for 15 years, and later graduated as a child and adolescent therapist at the Institute HIGW.

From the year 2000 onwards I took astrology lessons from Christiane Woelky (author of bestselling astrology book "Little Taurus Wants to Cuddle, Little Virgo Needs Much Praise"), and completed and expanded my knowledge with the astrologer Silke Schäfer (bestselling author of “Raus aus der Angst”, “Der kosmische Moment”).

In 2005, I moved to Cyprus, and reoriented myself in order to gain a foothold in a foreign country. 

My mission in life is to bring the truth into the world - to make people shine.

Let`s find out your soul`s purpose, your strengths and your potential!

We grow with our tasks, with the challenges of life. Sometimes it takes a change of perspective, a pause to reflect on yourself, your strengths and resources.

In some situations, astrology can be a very good decision-making aid.


I mean what I say

I intervene when others attempt to overreach and abuse


Only when we recognize and accept the truth can we unfold as we are meant to be: authentic, clear, sincere, luminous—full of love and kindness.


I gladly support you with my astrological know-how.

Sussan Ioannou, trees, green, Cyprus, Paphos, nature


"Susann did a tremendous job of unearthing both my hidden potential and traumatic responses that are holding me back in life. This horoscope gave me a better picture of who I am in this Universe. Armed with this information anyone can change their life for the better"
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