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Moon Stages

Our Life Task

A new era is beginning!

                                   We no longer ‘have to’ - we simply can.

If we want to use this challenging time, which offers many opportunities, to break new ground, to develop something that has never existed, to make a giant leap forward, we will be able to make our world—our life—richer, more interesting, more varied.

Our lives will meet our needs—make our hearts leap with joy. Each of our souls has a purpose in life to fulfill, a purpose in life that makes you shine, that corresponds exactly to your abilities—with which you can enrich, heal, and help people shine in our world.

I can support you in recognising your soul’s purpose!


Pluto will move through Aquarius over the next two decades, so our lives will change very much.

It symbolizes the divine will, and needs 248 years for a full orbital period!

This means that he will bring about total transformation in Aquarius by January 2044.

Pluto has an incredibly powerful energy that changes everything, it goes deep, it penetrates non-negotiably to your essence.

The house in which your Pluto stands is, so to speak, your personal nuclear power plant.

We are the designers of this unique time, and we have the chance to change our lives with new, unprecedented ideas, to make it all more beautiful and even more worth living.

We decide which way we want to go, the way of love or the way of fear.

The pace of our life will increase rapidly.

Astrological advice for adults

You get to know yourself better, understand why you are the way you are— and you can finally accept yourself as you are and forgive yourself. ​ ● What is your soul’s purpose? ● What life task do you have that corresponds exactly to your abilities and fulfils you deeply? ● What are your strengths? ● What are your weaknesses? ● What is your cosmic theme at the moment? ● Where are there karmic entanglements that you should solve, because they let you cling to the old, that no longer serve you? ● How can you turn your fear into a strength? ​ If you overcome your fears step by step, new perspectives will open up, your view will go from narrow to wide. What is your soul’s purpose? ​ I will be happy to answer these and other questions for you. I can support you in finding your way in life, and accompany you for a bit if you’d like! ​ I can show you ways you can go, but the decision is always yours!

Astrological advice for parents and their children

Children will fundamentally change and shape our lives. The better we as parents know our children, the better we can understand their behaviour, encourage them, support them, accompany them carefully through life...

Within two weeks (according to my availability) I will send you my draft of your birth chart. You should formulate specific questions beforehand.

You can read it in peace, and then ask questions about your horoscope in a zoom meeting, which is included in the price. Here I will also explain the structure of the horoscope, and give you an idea of ​​how one can read a horoscope.

To be able to create a meaningful horoscope I need the date and year of birth, and the exact time and place of birth.

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