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Learn how the cosmic rhythms affect you!

Research by Bruno Huber

One cycle builds on the other

If we know this, we can face much more relaxed challenges and learn a lot, which makes us more and more mature and aware. It is a “training programme in your life, seen from the psychological side”.


This “training programme” follows a six-year cycle, with an energetic phase where you set something in motion, a challenging phase where you become aware of things and decisions maturing in you - old themes are removed and you leave behind everything you no longer need, as you gradually prepare for the next phase.


It's about conscious, inner growth within the six-year rhythm, in which there's always a period of challenges that lasts two years. In this “valley” phase, we are more introverted, focusing on making improvements in our lives.

Focus your attention on the opportunities!

With every problem, our universe sends the perfect solution, to make your life better and better!

Thanks, ass angel!

What are so-called “ass angels”? They are angelic beings whose value we cannot immediately recognise, only after weeks, years, decades....

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