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Thanks, ass angel!

What are so-called “ass angels”?

They are angelic beings whose value we cannot immediately recognise, only after weeks, years, decades.

When we meet them, they drive us crazy; perhaps it is something which

we don't like about ourselves that annoys us about them, perhaps they

awaken feelings of guilt, self-doubt, worthlessness, powerlessness in us.

The ass angels are not necessarily aware of how they affect others. This morning your world was still in order- and suddenly you run into your ass angel or several of them in the supermarket, at work - where you don't expect it.

Your good mood is gone, thoughts are rattling around in your head and

might even throw you completely off track.

Thank you for being there, dear ass angel, because you nudge us toward what we still need to learn, toward our shadow issues, for example low self-esteem, credulity, intolerance, ......

If we have encountered an ass angel or know that we cannot avoid

encountering one, it could therefore do us no harm to take a closer look at them. What exactly is it that bothers you? What does it have to do with you and your shadows?

What can you think, feel, ...... instead when you meet this person? What

can you learn from the situation? How can you protect yourself so that

you stay calm?

Personally, I want to develop myself further.

But I can only do this if I work on myself.

One option is of course to say goodbye to people if there is no other way. Or we can work on our shadow issues that our ass angels draw our attention to.

What is your truth about yourself, about your life? Stay true to yourself! Follow your path unwaveringly if you are convinced of it.

Believe in yourself! Believe in your dreams.

The ass angel is not responsible for your feelings and thoughts, only you are. Don't expect anyone to save you either. I want to develop myself further. For me, this means that I work on my issues until I am at peace with them, until I am completely stable, calm and level-headed inside and follow my path - thanking the ass angels, who have then become my personal angels.

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