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Chiron – pain as an opportunity

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

"There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in." - Leonard Cohen


Chiron in horoscopes shows us where our deepest pain lies. This asteroid has an orbital period of 50 years. This means that after about 50 years your Chiron will return to where it was when you were born.

Deep healing and liberation can take place here.

You can get in touch with the energy of your soul.

You are going to learn to live with the pain. The path passes through suffering, in order to transform the pain into a creative force. Then you still feel your own pain, but you learn to live with it – And not only that!

You can support other people in their process through this pain because you have suffered it yourself. Of course, you can't take away anyone's pain, but by being there and listening you can give him or her strength.

Chiron is located right between Saturn and Uranus, forming the bridge, so to speak, between the sun and Saturn (the personal planets) on the one hand, and the spiritual planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which have to do with spiritual qualities, on the other. (We are torn between the human and the spiritual, between human urges and the higher mind) But what exactly does Chiron show us? He shows us our deepest pain from deep inside, our pain, which is always there subliminally, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Even when we're in a good mood, we feel it deep inside us.

I have the Chiron in the 2nd house. This house stands for values. It stands for our talents and resources, as well as for beliefs such as:

“I'm not worth it.”

“I am incomplete.”

Beliefs from other houses are for example: “No one understands me.” “I'm not good enough.” “I have to function somehow.”

Recognising this is a first step. You can work a lot with affirmations or simply replace these false beliefs with other ones, with positive ones, such as: “I deserve the best.” “Life has everything in store for me.” “I'm acceptable just as I am.”

But in the end, the pain just gets smaller when you also understand what the deep cause of that pain is. It took me decades to understand my pain. As a daughter, mother, wife and sister, I felt insecure and sometimes guilty.

I had doubts about my behaviour. But, honestly, what's the point of getting stuck in the past?

Face the situation honestly

What's the reason you haven't been able to let go of this issue in your life? Does it give you an advantage to hold on to it? What's the disadvantage of holding on to it? Imagine if that burden were gone. You would be free of your guilt, your worries, your fear of failure, your grief. . . .

Then who would you be?

If you have managed to identify the issues that apply to you, you are already a giant step further.

But in this deep pain there is a great chance, a chance to change our behaviour from now on so that we achieve a better result. In this situation we are given the chance to understand something - the chance of healing. What did you learn? What can you do differently from now on? What then would change in your life? What would your life be like?

Everything in life happens for you.

We have the chance to constantly improve ourselves, to atone for mistakes, to make up for what we missed out on.

We grow and mature, and we can have a healing effect on other people.

Choose the right perspective and you will overcome all the crises in your life.

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