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Pluto in Aquarius until January 2044 – what does this mean for us?

Networking, breaking new ground with like-minded people, freeing yourself from predetermined opinions and limitations, letting go of everything that hinders you, going your very own way, getting things going locally and thinking globally

The energy of Pluto represents profound changes that cannot be avoided.

A Pluto aspect to one of your planets allows you to have very profound experiences.

It offers you the greatest opportunities, but it requires assertiveness and self-control.

In this phase (lasting about two years) it can be exhausting, exciting, sometimes frightening, but ultimately it's about making yourself more mature, more profound, more authentic. 

(An aspect means, for example, that one planet is facing or encountering another, because the planets move further, one faster, the other slower.

Thus, for a certain period of time, they are in different angular relationships to each other, which shed more light on a topic you have.)

Pluto takes 248 years to complete one orbit, it runs very slowly and very thoroughly. 

To make it clearer, Pluto needs until February 2027 to travel just 5 degrees in the sign of Aquarius. He moves forward, but also likes to go back. (At least that's how it looks from our perspective on Earth.)

It means that the issues you need to work on will become more or less clear until Pluto finally moves on.

Nothing remains hidden from it, so to speak, even if it is only a dwarf planet.

Especially for those born at the end of the sign Capricorn/at the beginning of the sign Aquarius (in January), at the end of the sign Aries/at the beginning of the sign Taurus (in April), at the end of the sign Cancer/at the beginning of the sign Leo (in July) and at the end of the sign Libra/at the beginning of the sign Scorpio (in October), big tasks are waiting now, because Pluto makes an aspect to your Sun in your birth chart.

The sun stands for your radiance, your personality, your vitality.

An energy comes into your life that surprises you very much, unfamiliar powers are released. Since there are different aspects, the effect is different.

Basically, however, it is very important to let go of everything that does not serve you – everything that prevents you from coming into your real potential, into your vitality.

A new wind comes into your life, something new may begin.

Of course, the strong power of Pluto works for all of us, because it belongs in every horoscope and is in one of the 12 houses. These houses are areas of life in which he then works, such as in the areas of reorientation, networking, communication, values, family, work, health, relationships, ...

If you can't help but dedicate yourself to a topic because you are pushed into it from all sides or the situation becomes unbearable, then it can be a Pluto theme, perhaps also triggered by an aspect with another planet. It can be about topics such as feelings of powerlessness, abuse of power, taboos, compulsion to control – something is supposed to die so that something new can emerge.

When we have a Pluto aspect, it's exhausting, but in the end we've made a giant leap forward, transformed. There will be no going back to old habits.

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